Youth Revolution

Founded by Sidney Hoggard Photography, Youth Revolution Modeling is a modeling project for children and teenagers from 8 through 17. By being part of the project, kids can enjoy art. We also try to revolutionize the modeling industry for youth and help them find more opportunities. The project will always promote art, education, and fitness among its models, encouraging them to do well in health and in school.

As a method of security, each model is given a false identity and the model's personal information is withheld from the public. Agencies and other reputable companies interested in working with our models may ask for the necessary information. We will also allow other photographers to work with our models because it will help build their portfolios, which they can use in interviews with agencies and other reputable companies.

To raise funds for the project and its models, we sell products including CDs, calendars, prints and posters, and other products. We may also run fundraisers from time to time. We also ask our models to participate in stock photography, where their pictures might be published in a book, movie, or music. Our models are able to work with other photographers for compensation, too. Our models can also be available for acting.

If you have questions about the project or your child is interested in being a part of Youth Revolution, please contact us at or use the contact form below. We thank you in advance for the opportunity!